Tuesday, January 6, 2015

This morning as i sat on the bench in a nearby park I noticed that my teeth were chattering, I waited a long time for some passer-by to sit and visit. after a long wait an elderly person with a Small Chiwawa looking dog sat next to me. For a few minutes she was quiet, nothing came from her mouth. The dog sat motionless as well. Once in a while they would look at each other and give a passive nod. Then they would stare back to the horizon. " What are you doing here?" she asked as she turned to look at me reaching her right hand into a brown paper sack lifting out a handful of bird feed. I said that i had been watching her for a long time and i was worried about her being out in the cold for so long a period of time. She assured me that I had no need for concern. She assured me that she  was well, and just out to enjoy the season. She began telling me that she had been visiting our bench for many years and this was the first time she had encountered a Bench Head. She spoke of her life as a young person, a tome she remembered well. I was a Clam Digger in southern Alaska where i raised a family and worked outside a canary. She spoke of her children as though they borrowed from her Canadian cousin.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Just Saying that there was a lot of fun in the yard. Sometimes Bench Head would visit with us and our dog named Sarge. 

dear mr. head or bench if i may
i would like to thank you for your tireless efforts through out the 2014 year in providing a safe place for travlers to rest, also your upcomming efforts tonight in what i would like to rename from "new years eve", to "O' Hallowed Night of the Bench". i realise the thankless effort you put forth to all the pilgrims this evening on their hallowed journey to the temple to pray to the porcline god.
thank you
Ms. Licia Cransberry

Dear Licia

Journeys are difficult when they are made alone, but in the true spirit of learning and discovery I recommend you visit the bench at the state capitol. There have been many visits with me there.  A great number of decisions have been in fact made under my guidance. Just visit and watch for a while you will see all of your friends in deep communication with what seems to be nothing. 

Sincerely bench Head. 

Welcome to the world of Bench Head. This blog is dedicated to the task of reporting and communicating correspondence to and from Bench Head. It is part of a web site that will in fact give new meaning and understanding to "Self Communication".